Anatomy of the Post-Conference High

I just came back from an event called “Best of Social Media Summit” in Washington DC. I’m on a high.

This group is comprised of some of the top Social Media Managers in the country. We spent several days listening to amazing speakers, learning about new strategies for social, and supporting and spurring each other on to do big things. The personal and professional relationships I’ve formed are priceless.

Conference events can take you to a different place. Most people experience the High, but even after it’s over, there’s more.

Part 1. The High.

New learning and new faces and new ideas take us higher. It’s that feeling of going to summer camp or an overseas missions trip. The High. You go, experience something new, and you get fired up.

We feel invincible, wanting to take on the world. When we get home, we’re excited to rearrange our desk, our pencils, and our calendar. These new concepts and learning will help us do our jobs differently. We’re determined and amped to bring change.

Part 2. Life Goes On.

The experience ends. When we get back to our homes and our jobs, we realize the problems, frustrations, and struggles are all still here.

Doubt sets in. My boss won’t let me. People don’t “get social media.” We have no budget, no time, no support. Maybe these new changes can’t happen.

Momentum is lost. We give up.

But there’s more! We must not stop!

Part 3. Rebound (or Moving Towards the Real High).

If we want real change to happen, we must be ready for Rebound. Slingshot yourself back towards the High with the momentum you can feel pulling you back down to the Normal.

You might not be able to recreate the original High, but the Real High is where you’ll get stuff done. Review your conference notes and Tweets. Meditate on an important principle that inspired you. Email a new friend from the conference and reignite a conversation.

Yes, real life is back, but you’ve learned these new lessons for a reason. Stay focused and be patient. Things will not change overnight. Don’t let your new passion get lost.

“Tomorrow is too late, yesterday is over and now is exactly the right moment. So start.” -Seth Godin

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