A Free Way to Fight Poverty

Did you know you can make a $25 microloan to a rice farmer in the Philippines? Or a woman in Nicaragua who wants to expand her garment shop? Or a livestock owner in Tajikistan who wants to improve their farm?

Kiva is a microlending platform that matches up borrowers with lenders to alleviate poverty through small loans. Make a $25 loan and when the borrower pays it back, you can lend the money again. It’s an easy and fun way to empower people to help themselves.

Right now, I want to give you a free $25 to lend on Kiva. When you sign up, I get a free $25 too. This will literally cost you nothing more than five minutes to click and make your first loan.

I’ve already made seven different loans through Kiva to borrowers in Kenya, Tajikistan, Liberia, Cambodia, and the Philippines. Join me.

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